Huge LED screen Wall 21 M2



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Cabinet #1 size 960 x 960 mm, lenght 3 pcs height 1 pcs

Cabinet #2 size 960 x 768 mm, lenght 3 pcs height 1 pcs


P3 Indoor LED Display is also an interactive LED product to match any of indoor visualization solutions, the P3  HD indoor LED display screen wall is a completely seamless splicing type for mounting a large LED video wall in any of indoor places both can for hanging or installed on the wall.

The P3 indoor large LED video wall display board is designed for long-duty cycles and is available with a redundant video and power option to ensure continuous operation for mission-critical applications.

  • Fast and Precise Assembling: More efficient installation with latching connection device.
  • Mechanical Design: Comes with die-casting aluminium LED cabinet with a slim profile and light weight is easy and fast to install, maybe can save place and labour cost.
  • Leading-Edge Calibration: Gives the audience better viewing experience.


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